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US News and World Report Articles on national and world events, cultural trends, science, religion, business and technology.

US Weekly A revealing, insider's look at all the trends and personalities important to the entertainment industry. Interviews with actors and musicians, entertainment reviews, and fashion sections.

Utne Reader A guide for balanced living, includes original essays and the best articles from more than 2,000 alternative media sources. Provides new perspectives on social change, environment, gender, community, society, creativity, and humor.

Vanity Fair For readers who are interested in contemporary society and culture. Features include photo essays and interviews with leaders in the entertainment industry; book, film, and music reviews; and general news tidbits.

Vegetarian Times Offers healthier new recipes for classic food dishes. Seasonal menus, health news, advisories, reports, and research findings, as well as guidance on diet, exercise, and nutrition. Reviews on the latest new products, equipment, and food.

Vibe Monthly magazine of urban culture covers the latest in music, fashion, politics, sports, and technology.

Victoria This monthly magazine seeks to inspire women to reclaim their most satisfying moments: entertaining friends, traveling for pleasure, decorating a home.

Vietnam The many complexities that made the war in Vietnam unique, including the people, battles, strategies, and weaponry are examined. Authoritative articles and first-hand accounts are accompanied by photography, illustrations, and detailed maps.

VJM's Jazz and Blues Mart Publishes articles, reviews and original research by leading jazz and blues writers and discographers.

Vogue Women's fashion. Features include the latest in popular culture, fashion, and entertainment as well as tips on hair, makeup, exercise, health, and relationships.

Volleyball Contains instruction, competition coverage and profiles of top talent, along with equipment reviews. Coverage extends from grass-roots high-school tournaments to Olympic and pro competitions.

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