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Digital Home About home computing, entertainment, automation, control and security.

Discover An award-winning, general interest magazine devoted to the world of science and technology. It explores all areas of science — from archeology to ecology, technology to medicine, and astronomy to physics. Reports the latest breakthroughs on such subjects as the origin of life, the evolution of the universe, the inner workings of the human brain, and the mass extinction of the dinosaurs.

Dogster Dedicated to the care and enjoyment of pet dogs. Dogster features articles about canine health, nutrition, behavior and breeding. Specific breeds are profiled. In addition, readers are treated to lighthearted stories about real-life dogs and their owners.

Doll Reader A magazine about dolls. Published nine times a year, it has articles how to find the best values, the top designers, the most sought-after antiques, and the best new dolls. Informs readers about the doll shows and doll histories and mysteries.

Down Beat This magazine has reviewed jazz music for a long time. They have many stories to tell.

Dragon Times Information on the martial arts of Japan and China

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