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Family Circle Published 17 times a year, Family Circle provides women with the information they need to make personal and home improvements and maintain healthy family relations. Regular editorial features cover personal finance, physical fitness, interpersonal relationships, fashion, and beauty. Includes recipes and home improvement schematics.

Family Handyman For people who take an active interest in home improvement, yard and garden care, maintenance and repair, and remodeling. Expanding on the handyman theme, the magazine also features information on woodworking, auto maintenance, energy efficiency, and decorating.

Fantasy Football There are four publications -- the Pro Forecast, CheatSheets, Experts Poll and DraftBook. Get insights from the top Fantasy experts in America, multiple cheat sheets for a variety of scoring methods, and a statistics and player index.

Fast Company Covers the latest business news and trends, leading-edge entrepreneurs, and the fastest companies in business today.

Faze Published for Canadian teenagers. It looks at real life issues, current affairs, real people, science and technology, travel, business, health and fitness.

FDA Consumer Official magazine of the Food and Drug Administration. Information on how to get healthy and stay healthy.

Field & Stream A popular sportsman's magazine. Features articles on hunting, fishing, and conservation news, as well as fiction. The magazine has been in business for over 100 years.

Film Comment Published by the Film Society of Lincoln Center. Has articles about all aspects of the art, entertainment and industry of filmmaking.

Fine Woodworking, Fine Homebuilding, Fine Cooking, Fine Gardening All published by Taunton Press.

Fitness Tells women how to work out, eat right, lose weight, look better and feel great.

Fit Pregnancy Provides information and advice to women about how to exercise properly, eat right, and maintain good health during and after pregnancy. A typical issue of this quarterly publication includes information on new products, and maternity fashions.

Flatpicking Guitar Dedicated to presenting all aspects of the art of flatpicking the acoustic guitar.

Flex This magazine shows hardcore bodybuilders how to add size and symmetry for extraordinary results. Offers champion-level workout routines, competition profiles, scientific nutrition updates, and contest coverage from around the world. A guide to successful training for bodybuilders.

Florida Sportsman Devoted to fishing, boating and other outdoors activities in Florida and the Tropics.

Fly Fisherman Offers advice on where to find and how to catch fish in the U.S., Canada, and around the world. Includes information on how to select the best rod, reel, leader, line, and gear, plus the latest casting and fishing techniques. Articles and color photography capture some of the world's most beautiful fish-filled waters.

Flyfishing Magazines Website of American Angler, Fly Tyer and Saltwater Fly Fishing magazines.

Flying For the enthusiast and the professional aviator. Has industry news, and reports on new aircraft and aviation products.

Folk Guitar Chords to old-time folk music and instruction on playing back-up guitar to old-time fiddle.

Food & Wine A magazine for elegant dining and entertaining. Read about exotic curries and super salads. Set a table with style and serve with flair. Find out what restaurants are worthwhile and what kitchen equipment is cutting edge. It also offers diet menus that are sure to please even the most extravagant palate.

Forbes A serious magazine about business. The magazine offers coverage that examines the personalities and issues that shape the business world and explores the trends of tomorrow.

Foreign Affairs  A scholarly approach to foreign affairs. Published since 1922.

Fortune Provides business ideas, strategies and analysis. Published biweekly, this magazine offers readers a look at a wide range of business and economic news, with access to business drivers around the globe.

Fortune Small Business FSB is a publication of Time Inc.'s FORTUNE Group. Publishes stories on starting, running, and growing a business.

Future Publishing Founded in the UK in 1985. They publish over 80 magazines including Linux Format, .net, Digital Home, 3D World, Future Music, Guitarist, Computer Music, Total Guitar, Metal Hammer and T3.

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